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Chip & Crack Repair Done Rite 

Windshield chips and cracks are very common. If you have never had one consider youself lucky. For the unlucky ones, don't worry most can be fixed. Replacement windshields can be costly. They are never the same quality as your factory glass, and if not properly installed can cause a number of problems. Among these problems are: Improper sealing, whistling at hi-speeds, leakage, and rust problems due to damaged paint caused by improper installation. For these reasons the best option is to repair rather than replace them. Our service is completely mobile, and in most cases repairs can be Done  Rite in around a half an hour. We use only the highest grade resins to ensure a clear and quality repair.  Done Rite Detail is certified and licensed and all repairs are guaranteed.

Small Chips/Cracks - $60+
Large or Long Cracks - $80+
Discounts given for multiple chips*

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