Done Rite Detail
Professional Mobile Detailing & Windshield Repair
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Wash/Wax Packages

Done Rite Wash
hand wash, wheels washed, tires dressed, door jambs cleaned, interior vacuumed/dusted, light wipe down, streak-free windows

Done Rite Wax
Done Rite Wash plus, orbital applied wax and all exterior moldings dressed.

Detail Packages

Basic Done Rite Detail
hand wash, wheels washed, orbital applied wax, exterior dressed, interior vacuumed, door jambs cleaned, floor mats shampooed/steam cleaned, leather cleaned & conditioned, center console/dash/door panels cleaned, streak-free windows.

Premium Done Rite Detail 
Hand wash, clay-bar treatment, paint polished and waxed, wheels and wheel wells washed, door jambs, cleaned, exterior dressed, interior vacuumed and completely steam cleaned, center console/dash & door panels cleaned and protected, all leather cleaned & conditioned, streak-free windows.

Additional Services

Windshield Repair

Headlight Restoration

Paintless Dent Repair

Boat's & Rv's
(pricing per linear foot)

Motorcycles (incl. 2 detailers)

Maintenance Accounts
Pricing based on size, color and condition of vehicle, and individual customer needs. Discounts given for weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly pre-paid customers.

Done Rite specializes in windshield repair, headlight restoration, polishing & waxing, interior & exterior detailing, leather treatment, steam cleaning, wheel polishing, engine detailing, colorsanding/scratch removal, paint scuff removal, paintless dent removal, clay-bar treatment, teflon sealant, paint touch-up, paint restoration, showcar prep, fleet accounts and more... 

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